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Transparency & Fairness, Embrace & Engage and Sustainability & Sensibility are the three pilasters of NMS Group’s CSR development. We are committed to work with our colleagues, partners, governments, communities and all other stakeholders to make positive changes, to improve lives and to push humanity forward.

 Transparency & Fairness

We act with transparency, openness, justice and fairness. We take pride in building and keeping the highest standard of ethical business practices at NMS Group. We use every measure to create a workplace culture that encourages and motivates our colleagues to honor transparency, openness, justice and fairness from discovery, development to the production of our treatments.

  • Our payoff – Oncology forward is our motto to keep producing truly innovative drugs with the most efficient R&D spending to safeguard all our stakeholders’ rights and interests.
  • Our plants, process and products are guaranteed and authorized by GMP, FDA and the Italian Regulatory Agency (AIFA), adhering to the highest standard.
  • We apply strict conformity to environment-related laws, regulations, and industrial codes in all territories.
  • We integrate all CSR oriented values into our corporate strategy.
  • We adhere to the human resources strategy that facilitates equal opportunities, personal development, and workplace safety.

 Embrace & Engage


We’re devoted global corporate citizens.

We love having a positive impact on the world, from producing life-changing molecules to raising awareness for local causes, establishing programs to tutor the younger generations or donating to charities that share the same value with us.

Community involvement

NMS, an acronym from Nerviano Medical Sciences, explains the tight connection between our company and the local community, the city of Nerviano in the province of Milan. Over the years, we work directly with the community to protect the vulnerable population by offering protective gears, to support the education by providing opportunities for local students to visit and internships, and to engage all by events such as open days (Notte della Ricerca) where all are welcomed to learn the mystery of drug discovery behind the scene and interact with our scientists to understand our mission: to push oncology forward.

Responding to global crisis

When the Covid-19 first outbroke in China, NMS Group, in collaboration with the Association of Chinese Enterprises in Italy, has immediately secured and shipped from Milan a batch of emergency medical protection products including disposable surgical masks and medical goggles to the city of Huang Gang in the province of Hubei, one of the front lines of the Coronavirus Covid-19 battle field. Months later, when Lombardy region became the epic-center in Europe instead, NMS Group has received protective gears from our partners and investors from China and redistributed them to our local community to protect the most vulnerable.

Matching gift program 

For Christmas 2020, NMS Group has initiated a matching gift program to AIRC, the association that supports the progress of research for the treatment of cancer in Italy.

Resources donations

We gave the charity association Caritas access to our campus to collect donations and help to promote their charitable initiatives to our colleagues.

 Sustainability & Sensibility


We’re responsible, sustainable and sensible.

We have hundred kinds of vegetation, ducks, squirrels, hares, various spices of birds, and even falcons that are sharing the 180,000 m2 campus with us. Our WHP (workplace health promotion) program keep creating initiatives to make the NMS Group campus a healthy and happy place for us all.

Here’s a growing list of on-going initiatives that we’re developing and implementing together with our colleagues:

Less plastic

Italy is the second largest European producer of disposable plastic: between 6 and 7 million tons of plastic are consumed every year. According to data provided by Amsa (Milanese Environmental Services Company), Milan alone produces around 35,000 tons of plastic waste every year. Unfortunately most of the waste is not recycled, and ended up in landfills, incinerators (with a climate weight of 400 million tons of Co2) or dispersed in the environment. Since the European Union announced a ban on single-use plastics starting from 2021, we were looking for alternatives. For this reason, we’ve decided to give all colleagues a stainless steel thermal bottle at the new brand launching event, to associate the new logo with a clear, positive and environmental friendly message.

Energy saving campaign

The NMS Group has set up a target to reduce energy consumption by 10% over the next 5 years – the equivalent of the pollution produced by 150 cars each year, by reducing the consumption of electricity and natural gas. An awareness campaign was launched for the company population reminding us that we can achieve this goal together with simple actions. Just by turning off the lights when not necessary and the AC/heater switch at the end of the day, maintaining an adequate temperature in the office, turning off the PC when not in use, printing only when necessary… etc. The result of our collective efforts is shared with all colleagues to set up a tighter target and reduce further.

Walking groups

There are many and indisputable benefits of a physically active life and walking is one of the keys to taking care of oneself and a way to improve the quality of life immediately. Exercise is also one of the best tools for preventing and treating many diseases.
For this reason, we have organized, with the collaboration of ATS Metropolitan City, the “walking groups” – an organized activity where a group of NMS Group colleagues meet regularly to walk together along a predetermined path within our green and vast campus. The group is led by well trained volunteers called ‘Walking Leaders’, whose task is to guide, motivate and collaborate in coordinating this initiative.
The sportsman’s lunch box was created in the staff canteen to meet the need of this group of colleagues and then later introduced to all those who needs to have a quick bite before or after exercising during lunch break.
The Health Protection Agency of Milan Metropolitan City awarded NMS Group as a “Workplace that promotes health” as part of the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Lombardy 2018 and 2019 program, for the implementation of planned good practices.

Fight against tobacco smoke

NMS group has been involved for years in the fight against tobacco smoke. All our indoor and outdoor spaces have become Smoke-Free and it is no longer possible to smoke inside the Campus. We have achieved this through an awareness campaign of all employees who have been made aware of the risks involved in using tobacco smoke. Seminars were organized and useful information distributed. And, periodically, the company Intranet site offers “information pills” to complement what has already been shared.

“Mens sana in corpore sano” initiative

The practice of sporting activity is considered by experts to be essential for achieving optimal levels of physical but also psychological-mental health. Playing sports means helping the body to release endorphins and serotonin, respectively the hormones of happiness and the hormone of good mood and reducing the levels of cortisol, a hormone instead involved in stress and depression; it means increasing the flow of blood throughout the body and therefore also increasing its flow to the brain, thus allowing it to work better and reach maximum levels of concentration. At the end it means promoting the regeneration of brain cells thanks to the continuous and better circulation of blood.
For this reason, agreements have been signed with various sports clubs in our area for our colleagues to get favorable corporate rates and have access to these facilities.

Promotion of healthy eating

Various initiatives have been promoted in favor of healthy eating. First of all, the invitation to drink plenty of water, anticipating the sense of thirst and drinking slowly and in small sips with the aim of consuming 1.5 / 2 liters of water per day.
The company population was also sensitized to compose the meal with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fibers, mineral salts and fats, in the right quantities and with the right proportions.
A campaign “Less salt and less sugar in your menu” was promoted, dedicated to the progressive reduction of salt in meals, at home and in collective catering and to the excessive consumption of sugars, with particular attention to the developmental age.

Cultural day

NMS Group celebrates diversity. We have colleagues from different countries with such rich heritage to share among us. Therefore, we have initiated a series of cultural exchange initiatives that shares the characteristic moments of each country. For example, we celebrated The Moon Festival which represents the second most important holiday in China after the Chinese New Year, and represents a moment of peace and reunion with the family. During this occasion we had the opportunity to introduce the traditional Moon-cake to all. We are also introducing dishes from other countries in our staff canteen as part of this joyful and sensible event.

Extra medical-health support to improve health and well-being of our colleagues:

Preventive campaigns and other medical services on-campus

NMS Group organizes preventive campaigns to promote the importance of preventive check-ups and incentivize our colleagues to adopt this good habit. In 2020, we have picked our fight against skin cancer, in collaboration with the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT). These preventive campaigns are arranged at the health care point right on the Nerviano campus, to further motivate our colleagues to participate. In addition to these campaigns, our colleagues can arrange their blood samples taken for laboratory exams, also at the health care point.

Agreement with health care institutions offering discounted corporate rates for all Group employees

As part of the “Workplace Health Promotion” corporate program, employees of all Group companies and their families have been given an agreement stipulated with the MultiMedica Group, a reality that boasts several specialized centers of excellence and is present on our territory with in Castellanza, Limbiate, Milan and Sesto San Giovanni.

Agreement with insurance companies offering policies at discounted corporate rates for all Group employees

In addition to reducing the possible medical expenses with our colleagues through corporate convention, we also negotiate with insurance companies to offer insurance policies at favorable rates to provide specific coverage that they consider suitable for themselves and their family.

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