Dr. Frank Narjes Appointed as Head of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design, Elevating Innovation at Nerviano Medical Sciences Srl
NMS Group
May 13, 2024

NERVIANO, IT and BOSTON, Mass, May 13, 2024 – Nerviano Medical Sciences S.r.l. (NMS), a part of NMS Group S.p.A. (NMS Group) and Nerviano Medical Sciences, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NMS Group, focused on the discovery and development of oncology drugs and the largest oncological R&D company in Italy, welcomes Dr. Narjes to the esteemed position of Head of Chemistry, heralding a new chapter of pioneering scientific exploration and innovation. With an illustrious career marked by transformational achievements and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Frank brings a wealth of expertise to lead NMS’ chemistry division into unprecedented realms of discovery.

Dr. Narjes’ appointment underscores his exceptional leadership abilities and contributions to the field of chemistry. With a proven track record as a strong team leader, Dr. Frank has cultivated, trained, and empowered cross-functional teams, delivering clinical candidates and driving success in pre-clinical project endeavors. His extensive experience spans a diverse array of projects, including small molecule, peptide, antibody, and PROTAC initiatives, demonstrating a versatile skill set that aligns seamlessly with NMS’ multidisciplinary approach to research. Notably, Dr. Narjes’ contributions have been recognized on a global scale, with invitations to speak at medicinal chemistry conferences and a prolific publication record comprising over 60 research articles and co-inventorship of 40 patents.

Throughout his career, Dr. Narjes has demonstrated a remarkable ability to devise scientific strategies, navigate complex challenges, and engage stakeholders at every level. His tenure at AstraZeneca, where he served in various leadership roles in Medicinal Chemistry, including Senior Principal Scientist and Project Leader, underscores his unwavering commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and driving tangible outcomes. His strategic oversight has been instrumental in overseeing chemistry outsourcing, leading pre-clinical project teams, and steering the introduction of innovative modalities such as peptides and targeted protein degraders into the company’s portfolio.

“We are thrilled to welcome Frank as the new Head of Chemistry at NMS,” said Hugues Dolgos, Pharm.D., Chief Executive Officer and ad interim Chief Scientific Officer. “His proven leadership, strategic vision, and unparalleled dedication to scientific excellence make him the ideal candidate to lead our chemistry division into a future defined by innovation and discovery.”

In response to his appointment, Dr. Narjes stated, “I am honored and excited to join NMS as the Head of Chemistry. I am deeply committed to fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, where bold ideas are nurtured, and breakthroughs are made. Together, we will push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and make meaningful contributions to the discovery of transformative medicines.”

Dr. Narjes’ appointment signifies a pivotal moment in NMS’ journey towards advancing scientific knowledge and addressing global challenges through groundbreaking research. His leadership will undoubtedly inspire and empower our talented team of researchers to push the boundaries of what is possible in the field of chemistry.

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