Nerviano Medical Sciences S.r.l. presents data on MPS1 inhibitor NMS-153 and on ADC platform at the AACR annual meeting 2024
NMS Group
April 30, 2024

Nerviano Medical Sciences S.r.l. (NMS), a member of NMS Group S.p.A and a clinical stage biotech discovering and developing innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer, is proud of its participation to the American Association of Cancer Research annual meeting (AACR 2024) which took place in San Diego from April 5th to April 10th. NMS scientists presented two posters:

The MPS1/TTK inhibitor, NMS-01940153, synergizes with tisotumab vedotin in colorectal cancer”, presented by Dr. Claudia Perrera on April 7th.
Link to the poster: NMS-153 Poster


A novel platform of diversified cytotoxins and targeted payloads to drive ADC innovation”, presented by Dr. Barbara Valsasina on April 9th.
Link to the poster: ADC Platform Poster



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