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NMS Group pushes oncology forward.

We aspire to lead oncology innovation, research and development with more than 400 staffs, the largest and unique reality in Italy. We are committed to discover, develop and deliver life-changing molecules from our robust pipeline.

Apart from our specialization in drug discovery, we are the only player that offers a turnkey through our integrated supply chain, from the pre-clinical phase of research, to the First-In-Human clinical phase, concluding with the production and packaging phase of finished drugs. To meet more precise needs, we have Nerviano Medical Sciences at forefront of delivering personalized therapy worldwide; Accelera helps our partners accelerating their process by preclinical research, while Nerpharma brings active principle from formulation to production that closes the full cycle. We partner with key biopharmaceutical companies and hospitals to deliver more precise and differentiated treatments, and we combine our expertise with research institutions and universities to shape the future of tailored health solutions.

We push oncology forward. Whatever it takes.

We push oncology forward. Whatever it takes.

 Oncology forward. Whatever it takes.

     Confidence in Shaping the Future

     Resilience, Relentless Commitment, Rigor & Enthusiasm

     One-of-a-kind Elements, Synergies & Collaborations, Dynamism, Flexibility

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