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Access to this website and its use are subject to the following terms and conditions. Please do not continue browsing this website if you do not agree with our terms of service. This website has been developed by NMS Group S.p.A., based in Nerviano (MI), Viale Pasteur 10, and is managed by the same NMS Group S.p.A. or other companies directly or indirectly controlled by NMS Group S.p.A. (herein referred to as ‘NMS Group Companies’).
These terms of service are issued by NMS Group S.p.A. on behalf of NMS Group Companies and apply also to them.

We reserve the right to modify or remove all or part of this website and/or modify the terms and conditions of use. Since changes are made at our discretion and without notice, please check again the Terms of Use every time you visit this site to verify whether changes or amendments were made.


Any text, data, documents and pictures published in this website are the exclusive property of NMS Group S.p.A. or NMS Group Companies.

Use of these pages is allowed provided that:

  • copyright note is displayed on all copies, therefore notes or disclaimers about intellectual property
  • rights may not be removed
  • copies are used only for personal purposes
  • in no case copies are for commercial value or use
  • copies are not modified in any way
  • any pictures gained from this website are used only in combination with their accompanying text


All product names reported in this website, whether in capital letters or otherwise marked, are registered trademarks of NMS Group S.p.A., its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors or joint venture partners. Any unauthorized use of these trademarks is expressly prohibited and constitutes violation of copyright, trade mark legislation and any other industrial or intellectual property rights.


NMS Group S.p.A. and NMS Group Companies gathered information contained in this website from internal and external sources, to the best of their knowledge and competence and with the utmost professional diligence. This information will be updated and expanded constantly and regularly. Information on this site is intended only to present NMS Group Companies and their products and services and may not be considered medical or scientific directions or recommendations. No warranty is provided, neither expressly nor implied, about the completeness or accuracy of the information contained therein. Please be aware that information may not be up to date, therefore we recommended to verify it before using it anyhow. Please contact us directly if you wish further information or directions on our products or services.

Please be aware that as user of this website you access it and its content under your own responsibility. Neither NMS Group Companies nor third parties involved in the preparation, production or transmission of this website can be held liable for damage or injury resulting from ability or inability to access or use this site, or from the fact that users relied on information contained herein. The foregoing includes i.a. potential consequence arising from the use of outdated or not complete information, as well as any damage caused by computer viruses while accessing, browsing or downloading data from the website.

Third party websites / links

Links to this website from third-party websites are allowed only to our home page and do not imply any responsibility for the content of such third-party websites.

This website contains links / references to third-party websites over whom NMS Group Companies have no control. NMS Group Companies are not in control on contents thereof, therefore they are not responsible for access to nor for the information available in such sites, such as for any direct or indirect damage or injury of any kind resulting from using content or information from such third party sites anyhow. Links to other websites are provided to users only for convenience. Users access such websites under their own responsibility.

It is emphasized that these terms and conditions of use do not apply to other websites, and therefore information on their terms and conditions of use must be searched in such websites.

Data provided by users
The user of this website is fully responsible for the contents and accuracy of the data sent to NMS Group Companies, as well as for any violation of third party rights.

Should the user provide any personal data, i.e. data that can be used to identify a natural person, such data will be processed only in accordance with the Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (personal data protection code) and in any case in accordance with privacy regulations, including privacy notice, if any, to be provided by means of this website in compliance with such rules.

Apart information under the scope of privacy protection rules, any communication, data or material transmitted through the site will be considered non-confidential, unless otherwise expressly specified by the user who must also indicate reason for that.

International users

NMS Group Companies do not guarantee that information contained in this site is accurate, even outside the European Union. User engages to comply with all applicable laws regarding data export out of the country he is based. If you visit this site or download any information from a third country, please be informed that it is your own responsibility to ensure that this action is in compliance with local legislation.

NMS Group Social Media Policy

NMS Group and its subsidiaries (“Company”) have established the NMS GroupSocial Media Policy(“Policy”)for the operation of their official social media accounts(“Official Accounts”) and for the using of the information, content and commentspublished on ourofficial websites (Websites) and OfficialAccounts.

1.Use of OfficialAccounts

NMS Group is a pharmaceutical companycommittedjointly with its subsidiariesto push humanity forward. Our social media accounts help us connect with all our internal and external stakeholders around the globe. We use these Official Accountsin addition to our Websites to distribute our latest Companynews and event updates to our followers in a more dynamic and timely manner.

2.Content on Official Accounts

2.1 Company’s posts

The information published on our Official Accountsis intended to complement and enhance the substance and speed of the news published on the Company’s Websites. The Company’s official position or announcement will be madethrough the Company’s Websitesor press releases.

2.2 Comments from third parties

While content posted on our social media represents our views,the views expressed by others on our accountsarenot the views of NMS Group, its employees orsubsidiaries. We are not responsible for the content of any third-party posts or external links accessed through our Official Accounts.

2.3 Inquiries

The Companydo not committo responding to comments,messages or mentions. Please refer to our Contact Us page on our Websitesfor inquiries or opinions.

2.4 Our rights

NMS Group reserves all rights relating to allOfficial Accounts, including but not limited to:

• The Company might delete or modify comments and other content deemed inappropriate by the Companywithout notifying or obtaining the consent of the third parties.
• The Companymay temporarily or permanently block social media usersand discontinuethe accounts at any timewithout further notice.3.Intellectual property

3.1 Copyrights of the published content by the Company

The copyrights, portrait rights and other rights related to articles, photos, images, audio and video published by Official Accountsbelong to the Companyor the right holders, and can only be retweeted or sharedwith no compensation if the original articles published by our Companyis sharedand distributedwith the sourcesclearly indicated.

3.2 Copyrights of the published content by third parties

The copyrightsof any content and comments published on the Official Accountsbelongs to the publisher, but the publisher agrees that the Companyhas the non-exclusive right to use for any further publication of the published contentand commentsfor free. Publisher warrants that any content and comments published on the Official Accounts don’t infringe any third-partyIP rights/copyrights.Company shall be entitled to suethe publisherfor any damage stemmed from any breach of the aforementioned warranties.

4.Disclaimerand Publisher/Userswarranties.

4.1 All the information published on the Official Accountsby the Company is provided “as is”. Company makes no warranties, express, implied or otherwise, regarding its accuracy, completeness, performance, merchantability or compatibilityfor anyparticular purpose.

4.2 The information provided on our Websitesand Official Accountsis not intended to be taken as medical advice. Please ensure that you consult with your healthcare professional regarding all personal medical or health-related issues.

4.3 In any case, Company shall not be held responsible for any consequences deriving from the using of the information publishedon our Websitesand Official Accounts.

4.4 The Companywill not be responsible for any damages, losses, expenses or burdens caused to users due to errors, changes or deletions ofthe information published through the Official Accounts.

4.5 The Companyis not responsible for comments published on Official Accounts.Publisher warrants the any information, content, comment published on the Official Accountsis truthfuland shall not causean offence to any third parties’reputation/image/commercial name/trademark.

4.6 The Companyis not responsible for users connected with Official Accountsor disputes between users and third parties.Publisher waives to sueCompany in any disputein being between publisher and third parties.

4.7 The Companyis not responsible for all damages, losses, expenses or burdens caused to users due to the suspension of Official Accountsand/or for all responsible for all damages, losses, expenses or burdens caused to users due to theblocking of their access to the Official Accounts.

4.8 All users warrant torefrain from any exploitation of the information, content, comments published on the Official Accountsthatmay damage –directly and on indirectly -Company and/or any other third party whose reference is embedded in any information, content, comments published on the Official Accounts.

4.9 Shalla breach occur of any aforementionedwarranties, the Company is entitled to sueany users/publisher who has caused such breach for refunding of any direct and indirect damages, loss of profits stemmed from the breach, pursuant to any applicable laws.

5. Regarding changes to this policy

The Companymay make changes to this policy without prior notice. In addition, the Companyis not responsible for all damages, losses, expenses or burdens caused by the modification of this policy.

6. List of Official Accounts Linkedin:

NMS Group

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NMS Group Social Media Policy


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